Our Headquarters


Our meditation center is one of many centers around the world branching from one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Thailand. The headquarters was established on February 20th, 1970 by Luang Por Dhammajayo and Master Nun Chandra Khonnokyoong with about $100 and 78 acres of land. The founders and their disciples bulit the foundation on the teachings and research of Master Phra Monkolthepmuni, who rediscovered the ways of meditation. 

The belief of the temple is that would peace begins with inner peace, and with this, the temple has looked to teach meditation all over the world to anyone willing to learn. 

Since the foundation was first established, the temple has now grown to reach members all over the world. With programs including meditation retreats, monk and novice ordinations, youth activities, nun training, international mediation programs, and centers from Australia to Japan to Chicago, our headquarters in Thailand continues to spread its message emphasizing the power of meditation to the world.



The Meditation Center of Chicago was founded by a small Thai community in northern Chicago, presided over by two Buddhist monks. They started their gathering in an apartment, then moved to a house to accomodate the growing number of members. Luckily, they found a home at a church on 6224 W. Gunnison Street, Chicago IL. The goals of the center are to reach out to the Buddhist community, provide information on Buddhist tradition, and to practice meditation. 

In 2010, the Meditation Center of Chicago added a new location to hold the increasing number of its members. The center has chosen 5849 N. Nina Avenue as our new home. This facility contains a neat and fresh space for monks and laypeople to practice meditation and occasional ceremonies. The continuous activities of the center include Sunday service, Buddhist chanting, instructed meditation sessions, and traditional ceremonies. As part of our practices, we occasionally hold Buddhist ordination to teach young people about Buddhist traditions. The center also holds yearly youth camps to educate children and young people about Buddhist and meditation.

The outcome of the center's efforts is to promote and expand true peace to a larger area, and hopefully one day to encompass the whole world. 

Our Goal

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The center welcomes all people interested in learning to gain better mindfulness, regardless of background or beliefs. Through meditation, one will find their inner peace and happiness and together we can create one peaceful world. The Meditation Center of Chicago continues to grow and serve more and more people, not only within the Buddhist community, but also among the local community interested in the center's teachings.

We hope to provide a peaceful and quiet space for everyone interested in practicing meditation. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience in meditation to guide members to find inner peace and bring mindfulness practice to live life happier.

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