Upcoming Events: CHICAGO

We are announcing our Two Day Meditation Retreat, coming Saturday, August 18th from 9 to 4 and Sunday, August 19th, 9 to 3 pm at our center at 5849 N. Nina Avenue, Chicago!
As always, this program will feature guided group meditation, talks on mindfulness and Dharma, discussion on meditation and all things peace, along with other activities to help incorporate mindfulness into your life.
However, this retreat will be special in that the content will be different between the two days, as follows:
  • Day One: Saturday will feature Dharma on more general mindfulness with a connection to health and wellness.
  • Day Two: Sunday will go into an introduction and discussion on Buddhism. Please only attend with an open mind and legitimate interest to learn.

Special offering: you can bring children over age 8 to join in a mindfulness workshop in kid's room during our two day retreat program.

We have peace coaches who have long time experience in leading children activities designed to be fun and beneficial for children’s inner peace.
Free of charge for youth program.
Phra Pasura Dantamano will join this program as our teaching monk. Ordained for more than10 years, he has been leading international meditation training from Asia to Europe to Africa to America. He is an advisor for the Peace Revolution Project, an online meditation course for people to join around the world and encourage inner peace.
Please register before Thursday, August 16th by emailing or calling us!
We are ready to answer your questions if you have any, hope to see you there!
The suggested donation is $30 for two days (best value) or $20 for one day. This donation goes towards Phra Pasura's airplane ticket and our lunch.
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