Mindful Gardening

If you are looking for the outdoor mindfulness exercise, gardening is the place to be.
           We have a new opportunity for you to apply mindfulness outside our group meditation sessions! Many of you who garden know that gardening is an activity that brings inner peace and mindfulness. It is a practice that sparks all five senses, allowing you to live in the present moment. By smelling the flowers and the earth, touching the soil, pulling the weeds, or watering the ground, all these little focuses pulls you into a flow of concentration that welcomes a healthy mind. Gardening also not only creates inner peace and contentment for the yourself, but also contributes to a beautiful environment to share to others.

            For those of you interested, we will be doing some light gardening around the meditation center. This activity is beneficial whether you are a seasoned gardener or have never picked up a hose in our life. This light gardening will take place every Wednesday in June to September from 6:00 to 7:00 pm weather permitting. Even if you do not want to partake in gardening, we welcome you to enjoy nature and our gardens before the start of Wednesdays classes!

            You do not have to bring anything other than a ready attitude to enjoy the nature around. For those of you willing but facing scheduling conflicts, email us and we can schedule a time that better works for you!

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