Youth Meditation (by appointment only)

After some inquiry regarding children's meditation, we are launching our very first meditation program for Kids! Because this is a new program, walk-ins are not available and parents and guardians must enroll their children by registering on Eventbrite or emailing MCC. This class aims to teach children about mindfulness and meditation and how to apply it in their daily life. The class is adapted for children, therefore the program will include arts and crafts and activities. The class schedule is designed to be appropriate for children ages 7-13 years old. A suggested donation of $5 is recommended, and snacks and supplies are provided. 

Age range: 7 - 13 years old.
Time and place: Sundays 10 am - 11:00 am at 5849 N Nina location.
Suggested Donation:  $5 each time

Tentative Class Schedule:
5 minutes of exercise
10-15 minutes of guided meditation
30 minutes of mindfulness activities 
15 minute break and refreshments
15 minutes of guided meditation

Our class objectives are as follows
Students will learn the Middle way meditation
Students will develop mindfulness practice and apply it in their daily life

Students will learn to improve self-awareness and self-regulation
Students will learn about basic moral principles: i.e, refrain from lying, stealing, and killing

What is the Middle Way meditation? The Middle way places focus at the center of our body. The goal is to let our mind become still, and strengthens our focus, concentration, sharpens our observation skills, and lets us become attune with ourselves. This method is appropriate for children due to the ease of the method and children's natural ability towards visualization and relaxation. 

For enrollment, questions, and more information, please call or email us.

Call 773-680-0313

e-mail OR


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